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Government gearing up to clip censor board wings

Pahlaj-Nihalani-2The government is likely to strip its ability to censor the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) films, a power, there is too much controversy since swung his current boss Pahlaj Nihalani reins at the beginning of last year took place.

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry is preparing for a new film law, which could be presented in Parliament in the next session that the board only attests is left with forces.

The amended law is to categorize the board mandate to movies based on their content and do not seek the deletion of scenes or dialogues that are not suitable for universal viewing now considered a source in the Ministry said on Friday.

The CBFC functions as an autonomous body under the I & B Ministry.
Since he took over in January 2015 Nihalani campaigned several controversies with directions on how to reduce the length of the kissing scenes to “curse” a list of blacklisted words and suggesting indiscriminate cuts to films like Udta Punjab elaboration.

With filmmakers and critics accuse the board impinge on creative freedom, the Ministry formed a committee headed by director Shyam Benegal Committee to propose amendments to the law.

The Panel has newer categories as suggested U12 + U15 +, A and A + (for extreme violence and sex scenes), which can be accepted if the amendment bill drawn up.

A senior official in the Ministry, who declined to be named, said the government believes that people must have the right to decide what they want to see.

“The government does not, and does not intend to intervene (in CA),” he said.

He added that appropriate restrictions on free speech, which apply to all, will also have to follow filmmakers.

Other amendments of the Committee include Benegal also suggested to limit screening of adult-only movies in selected cinemas, disclaimers for smoking and tobacco consumption at the beginning of the film and to deny certification only if the film violated the country’s laws or set a threat to national security.

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