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Tech gadgets: Five best gifting ideas for your kids

download-1Tech gadgets: Five best gifting ideas for your kids

Here is a compilation of budget ideas donation on high quality for all children.

Millennium children – they are completely different. Perhaps it does not matter if you really love your children – that most likely will not love you back, unless they are given a steady stream of gifts. And no, this does not mean that you should go out of your way to buy something absurdly expensive.

Instead, think of something funny that will also help them learn a thing or two. If you are too busy or lazy to do that, we have compiled a list of the toys and gadgets you might consider giving your child. We start with the most affordable option out there:

Gift ideas

Hexbug Larva (Rs 500 +)

While you may find it a bit creepy, all kids love. While it may seem a simple toy, regular, the larva has complex gearing mechanism inside. You may not realize it, but uses an infrared sensor to avoid obstacles on its own. The manufacturer has also done a great job of replicating the reciprocating movement of a larva. If you do not mind spending a little more, the Hexbug also sells an excellent remote control beetle in India.

Gift ideas

RC helicopter (Rs) 1400+

Speaking of RC (remote controlled) toys, a helicopter like this is a must for children, literally. Although it is only a toy, flying a helicopter is a challenge for all ages. The use of several controls, your child will have to control the helicopter speed, altitude, direction of flight, cyclic, and other things. This exercise works as a good way to hone fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination your child. The ability to handle critical tasks without going crazy is an additional advantage – a great way to develop the brain to think fast.

Gift ideas

electronic Monopoly (2000 + Rs)

If you want to help your child learn about finance and investment, there is no better teacher who is the board game Monopoly – we’ve all played as children. The game teaches you the importance of budgeting and make the most of the opportunity. Children can learn to take calculated risks to make more money without having to go bankrupt. It also gives your children a lesson on how to reach an agreement, form business relationships, and how not to place on one thing. The timeless classic now comes with a new twist. Like the real world, Monopoly transactions are powered by an electronic magnetic machine. Rest assured, you never have to explain to their children how debit / credit work.

Gift ideas

Kindle (Rs 6000 +)

Many children hate books. And forget reading, some even hate to bear them, even if they like to read. Reading e-books on a smartphone or tablet to be known cause eyestrain and posture problems. The solution probably is a reader for electronic books or better yet, a Kindle. Kindle has a paper-like screen and can store thousands of books inside. With integrated as the ‘smart search’ tools, children do not have to have a dictionary handy. What’s more, the Kindle also comes with a vocabulary builder that creates a repository of their newly learned words. Since there are no printing costs involved, most of the books in Kindle format low cost Rs 300. The device is connected to Wi-Fi Internet, and clung to an account, where parents can control what you can read and buy .

Gift ideas

Game console (Rs 13,000)

Unlike what most people think, video games are surprisingly ‘real benefit’ for children. Scientific studies have shown that video games lead to faster learning and better management capabilities. Playing games FPS (First Person Shooter) improves situational awareness and precision. Children learn to approach a problem from a different perspective. Last but not least, video games are tested to make children accept their failure positively. They are encouraged to try again until they succeed. You can buy the latest generation of consoles to Rs 13,000, while the most recent one copy of about Rs 30,000 will be established. And adding to that is an additional cost for the games.

The festival season is just around the corner. What are you buying your son?

– Chandrakant Isi

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